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How It Works

We apply cutting-edge technologies and best practices in generative AI and organizational change management to effectively communicate and drive change. Through action-oriented plans and strategic program development, we manage complex implementations across people, process, and technology functions to deliver an impactful return on your investments.

Analyzing the current state situation    

Defining the desired future state

Documenting requirements to bridge the gaps

Leading Change for Over 30 Years

Decades of experience in helping businesses and brands like yours grow and adapt. We make it easier for you to overcome challenges and achieve big things.

Driving Your Business Forward

Strategic planning, technology and people development.

We understand the challenges you face and offer the solid support you need to succeed.

With our guidance and tools, you can break new ground and turn your big ideas into real achievements.

Strategy & Execution

Strategic Planning
We help you plan your way to the top.

From Ideas to Impact

We turn your innovative ideas into successful products.

Tech-Driven Efficiency

Smart Technology Use

We use advanced tech and automation to help you innovate and lead.

Boost Your Efficiency

Automation is key in making your business run smoother and faster.

Human Development

Empower Your Team

Build a strong support team for lasting success.

Handle Changes Well

Keep moving forward during changes.

Learn with us.

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Meet Alain Leroy

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Meet Alain Leroy, the heart of Fourth Strategies. Alain's unique approach combines tech, business, and community to drive client growth. His leadership transforms every project into an opportunity to uplift people, profits, and the planet.

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Strategic Planning & Assessments:

Setting the course for success

Drive your innovative ideas from concept to implementation. Our experts are trained in various business transformation disciplines, including product management, communications, and process improvement.


Transforming Ideas into Market Success

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful business. We guide you through the process of transforming your ideas into market-ready solutions. We provide the strategic guidance and practical support needed to bring your products to life and achieve market success.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Harnessing the Power of AI

Our expertise in Generative AI enables us to guide you through the tools and processes necessary to harness its potential and unlock new possibilities in the digital age.

Business Automation:

Streamlining Your Marketing Efforts

Manage your customer communications with ease using our all-in-one system. Our solution is backed by the #1 messaging and payments platform for local businesses.

Human Capital:

Unlocking the Power of Your People

Navigate the evolving labor landscape and overcome the complexities of the digital era. We specialize in assessing human capital needs, driving organizational change, and implementing strategies that promote best practices.