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Are you ready to take your big idea to the next level? We understand that the path from a brilliant concept to a thriving business can be filled with challenges. That's why we're here—to help you navigate with ease and confidence.

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Our Growth Accelerator is not one-size-fits-all. We know that each idea and each individual is unique. Whether you're breaking ground in new markets, or refining your existing products, our team is here to provide the tailored support you need. We focus on practical, actionable advice that makes sense for you.

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Every step you take towards building your business is a step towards making a bigger impact—whether it's in your community, your industry, or beyond. Our accelerators are designed to fuel your journey, empowering you to make significant changes and achieve measurable results.

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Hear From Our Change Makers

Lindsay Askew

Chief Business Development Officer

The Strategy Group VI

Brilliant innovator and strategic thinker. In my experience, the experts at Fourth Strategies were able to conceptualize, develop, and build a team that was ultimately responsible for innovating a business sector while delivering multiple millions of dollars in revenue and profits. I enjoyed working with them and appreciate their commitment to developing and implementing innovative concepts.

Lynda Taylor-Simon


Lighthouse Mental Health Counseling

They really listened to our business situation and helped us to dissect the problems and determine which way to go next. And I love the tools they have. As a small business owner, the tools are valuable and all-in-one platform. My business is still using them to grow and scale.

Billy Duc

Founder & CEO

JBI Software, Inc.

Their leadership and mentoring is very valuable to both me growing as a leader and to JBI Software, Inc. growing as a business. They put together the strategic roadmap and structure we needed to be successful and scale our AI-driven industry solutions accordingly.

Assess and Advance

Strategic Evaluation Tools

Utilize our comprehensive tools to critically evaluate and enhance your strategic initiatives, ensuring your decisions are data-driven and effective.

Connect with Leaders

Build Trusted Partnerships

Join a network of innovators and change makers, fostering partnerships that broaden your influence and enhance your capabilities.

Fuel Your Growth

Secure Sustainable Capital

Attract the right kind of investment that aligns with your goals, ensuring a stable and prosperous future.

Break Through Barriers

Strengthen Your Leadership Mindset

Strengthen your leadership mindset to transform challenges into opportunities for growth.